About us

We provide specialized services tailored to the maritime industry. With an extensive background and a wealth of experience within the port sector, our company was established with a dedicated focus on delivering comprehensive EPS solutions (Engine Petrol Services). Our expertise spans across various aspects of mobile cranes and machinery, encompassing an extensive array of spare parts and technical remedies. Our primary commitment lies in serving ports, with a predominant emphasis on machinery-related matters, including second-life utilization, corrective interventions, and proactive maintenance endeavors. Given the well-known propensity for emergencies in the port environment, we endeavor to furnish an assortment of readily available spare parts, ensuring rapid and efficient resolution of unforeseen crises. Furthermore, should you be considering predictive or corrective maintenance strategies, our adept guidance and experience stand at your disposal for: - Conducting meticulous audits - Devising comprehensive action plans - Provisioning the requisite spare components.
  • Crane and machinery audit: We meticulously examine your equipment to detect potential flaws, offering insights on enhancing preventive measures to extend the longevity of spare parts. We also provide guidance on corrective actions, outlining a strategic roadmap in collaboration with our valued clients.
  • Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance: Within our ranks, we boast an exceptional assemblage of individuals – a cadre meticulously honed, forever aligning with the forefront of innovative equipment technologies. Our repertoire encompasses a myriad of solutions, spanning the gamut of maintenance variations.
  • Reconditioning for second life of machinery: Our expertise lies in a profound comprehension of your equipment's condition, facilitating subsequent technological enhancements and rectifying potential imperfections. This process culminates in the bestowal of an unequivocally dependable second lease of life upon your valuable assets.
  • Personalised advice on the sale of machinery: With our comprehensive arsenal of both human expertise and technological prowess, we stand primed to offer judicious counsel for your new equipment acquisitions. Our objective is to curtail the prospects of unwelcome surprises, ensuring a seamless procurement experience.
  • Equipment rental:Nestled within our expansive inventory rests a diverse array of heavy machinery, poised to address your medium to long-term rental requisites. Our offerings encompass an array of stalwart forklift trucks and robust wheel loaders, each primed to meet your operational needs with unwavering proficiency.
  • Buying and selling of machinery: Embarking upon our repertoire, we present an array of port machinery available for purchase. This encompasses the stately Mobile Harbour Cranes, alongside an assorted array of complementary equipment. Should intrigue strike, we extend an earnest invitation for you to reach out and engage with us sans hesitation. Your inquiries are warmly welcomed and eagerly anticipated.